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Positive Impact Award*

Positive Impact Award*

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Attachment File Format Acceptance – txt, pdf, doc, dox, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, eps, psd


In an everchanging world, we come across challenges in business that push companies to innovate and adapt their business for the good of the wider community. Have you changed the products or services you are producing to benefit a crisis or are lending your team to assist elsewhere? Our judges will not only be looking at how you plan to create a positive impact, but what you are currently doing or have done in the last 6 months to put this in place.

You will be able to upload supporting documents for each question, you will also be able to save your application at any point and return to it at a later time. 

Remember; our judges won’t be visiting your business. The only thing they’ll have to use is what you put on this form but don’t worry, we’ve included lots of helpful hints to guide you in filling it in to create the very best impression.

Please SAVE your application constantly throughout to ensure that nothing is lost!