fbpx Awards Night | SME Cambridgeshire Business Awards

Awards Night

SME Cambridgeshire Business Awards Final 2020


Thursday 29th April 2021 

6:00pm - Virtual Networking
6:30pm - Awards Ceremony
7:30pm - Approx Awards Finish & Networking Reopens
Zoom Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 978 5164 0902
Passcode: 670013

The SME Cambridgeshire Business Awards offer you an excellent opportunity to entertain your staff and/or clients with the top businesses from across the county.


If you have any further questions please email emily.lloyd-ruck@iliffemedia.co.uk



Get Up to Date -

  • Make sure you have the most recent version of Zoom downloaded to allow you to access all the networking features.
  • Download or Update Zoom here - https://zoom.us/download 


Internet Connectivity Check – “The Single Most Important Aspect of A Successful Meeting!“

  • Hardwire Connection – Directly plugging into your WIFI Hub ensures a strong and reliable internet connection.
  • Reduce Household Usage During Event – Netflix streaming, file downloading and Fortnite will all drain your bandwidth, make sure you inform your household members to avoid heavy internet use when meetings are live.


Environment Check –

  • Household Members – Let your nearest and dearest know the timings of the event, this stops accidental walk-ins’ or excessive noise mid event that distracts other attendees. Maybe a “Do No Disturb” sign on the door is advisable
  • Deliveries – Schedule orders to dates away from the event or leave a note of delivery instructions to not require answering the door.
  • Windows & Doors – Close all doors and windows to reduce noise as much as possible.
  • Garden & Street Noise – Now your household isn’t streaming, maybe they go to cut the grass instead? Be ahead of the game, tell them not to!


Computer Check

  • Close Applications – Excess programs will slow your computer, shut them down.
  • Turn Off Wi-Fi If Hardwire Connected – This stops any internet source confusion on your computer.
  • Headset Set Up – Make sure you’ve set your headset to be both your microphone and speaker!
  • Update your Zoom Name - If you are the main contact, use your Company Name and Full Name to ensure we can find you if you win your category. Follow these instructions to update your name - https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201363203-Customizing-your-profile


Camera & Microphone

  • Pre-Joining – Make sure the correct devices are selected and work
  • If you are the main contact for your company, keep your camera on so we know who to find if you win your category!



  • Natural Light - If possible, have natural light sources facing towards you, windows and lights behind you stops attendees seeing that great smile.



  • Home Background – Pick an uncluttered and neutral environment. Maybe not too many personal effects in site!